Flor de Huipil

Flor de Huipil - Flowers that Adorn Me

A collaboration by Wondor and NI EN MORE

An exquisite one-of-a-kind artful way of wearing a moment of nature’s constant changing beauty. This collaboration is born of several regions in México and involves more than 30 women — each having a special role in the making of this grand creation. Wondor’s Huipil process of fusing with NI EN MORE is a beautiful one, that if witnessed seems almost sacred and ritualistic. During the process, a variety of flowers and natural dyes are used. These include roses, lilies, alstroemerias and cochineal.

The result is always unique, like nature. No piece is identical to another.

People were brought together. Women rediscovered their power and their ability to connect with communities even from remote geographical distances.

Creating is itself a natural, human necessity. And the results of this creation resemble nature itself. Flor de Huipil ‘lifts the work of creation to even higher levels.’

“Nature always wears the
colors of the spirit”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


NI EN MORE is a non-profit social innovation project and clothing line - a collaborative project that cross borders and merges political activism, fashion and art to empower women in Cd. Juarez, Mexico and fight against abuse of women worldwide. In our newly established sewing studio in Cd Juarez we are building the business from the ground up, making one of a kind, hand dyed garments. Side by side with the women we employ, we teach management skills, as well as sewing skills and hand-dying used in the garments. The goal is for the business to be completely self-sufficient by 2020. All profit is reinvested in the studio.

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